Czech freediver dives into frozen Swiss lake to record depths

Czech free diver David Vencl dived beneath the ice of Lake Sils in Switzerland to dive a record 50 meters without a wetsuit. According to Reuters, the 40-year-old Czech diver’s record vertical plunge to 52.1 meters follows his entry into the Guinness World Records book for swimming the length of a frozen Czech lake in 2021.

As a proof of his accomplishment, Vencl retrieved a sticker from a depth of 50 meters before emerging through the same hole. Afterwards, he opened a bottle of champagne and spat some blood. Later, a hospital visit confirmed there was nothing serious.

Pavel Kalous, his promoter, said it took him 1 minute 54 seconds to plunge from 1 to 4 degrees Celsius. “He enjoyed it, but he admitted he was a little more nervous than usual and had some breathing problems,” he told Reuters.

Being in cold water is not difficult for him. Lack of oxygen is something normal for him. But this was completely different because it’s really difficult to work with the pressure in your ears in cold water,” he added. “If you combine all these three things: cold water, lack of oxygen and the problem of working under pressure, it’s something very unique,” he added.